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Simple clear data viusalizations

GoodCharts is a (another) javascript library for creating helpful charts based on the ibsc-a priciples. They are mainly made for business but can also be used for many other purposes.

See your data crystal clear

GoodCharts not only visualizes your date, GoodCharts also shows the context of your data. Standardized format gives you an easy to remember picture about past, present and future scenarios and your data is automatically scaled properly within an interactive chart.

So far goodcharts is a framework to create easy to read svg charts from your dataset. Your dataset is a simple array of datapoints with some metadata included. The specif definitions can be found within the specified chart documentation.

GoodCharts is licensed under BSD license. So use it where you want but be sure, showing the the copyright. It would be kind linking to this website and mention GoodCharts wherever it makes sense.

I decided to build another charting library because the already existing ones are not for free or it is quite hard to achieve those clear and simple visualisations we do here. One main topic is, with GoodCharts you have all those tiny little details derived from the ibcs-a standard already included. So whenever you want to visualize business data on you website or your interactive business report, you can use GoodCharts.